Trusted & Proven Property Management Services in the Lawton Area

Are you looking for a property manager in Oklahoma? If so, Crossroads Realty may be just what you’re looking for! At Crossroads Realty, our main priority is you – our client.

As you likely know, being a property owner isn’t always easy. Depending on the number of properties you own, it can truly become a full-time job. If you don’t have the time, energy or experience managing properties, your best bet would be to partner with a professional property management company like Crossroads Realty.

Our team is #1 in the industry because we are trained, skilled and experienced in all aspects of property management and real estate. In fact, most of our staff have won awards for their expertise, and many of them are licensed brokers.

We offer a wide range of professional property management services, like tenant screening, rent collection, property marketing, financial reporting and maintenance services.

If you think you can benefit from help in any, or all, of those areas, let’s work together!

We specialize in managing single-family homes, multi-family homes, apartment complexes, duplexes, condos and commercial properties. We currently service the following areas: Lawton, Elgin, Cache, Walters and Geronimo.

Our Property Management Services

1. Marketing of Your Rental Property

Have you ever dealt with a long vacancy? If so, you know how stressful that can feel. In order to successfully and quickly rent out your unit, you need to employ effective marketing strategies. At Crossroads Realty, we know just what to do.


When we market a vacancy, we showcase your property’s best features to increase interest in your rental property. We take high-quality photos and craft a compelling description of your unit that emphasizes key selling points.

Then, we use both online and offline methods to put your vacancy in front of as many prospective tenants as possible. Rental listing websites, social media, ‘for-rent’ signs, word-of-mouth and bulletin boards are just some of the ways we reach a wide audience.

By increasing the visibility of your vacancy, we attract a large pool of qualified applicants. This means we are able to fill your vacancy in no time!

2. Tenant Screening Process

The best way to avoid tenants who cause issues is to have a strict tenant screening process in place. This will help you find reliable and responsible tenants who pay their rent on time, take good care of your unit and abide by the terms of the lease.

Our team has experience screening tenants and knows exactly what to look for to find the highest quality tenant for your unit.

Among other things, we verify their financial statements and employment history, as well as conduct comprehensive background checks. This helps to ensure that we place a tenant who is likely to fulfill their rental obligations in your property.


3. Rent Collection

Are you tired of chasing after rent payments at the end of every month? We have a solid rent collection process in place that ensures you earn a steady stream of income throughout the year.

Consistent rental income is a critical part of owning properties. Without it, you can’t reach maximum success. When you work with us, we use effective rent collection processes that greatly reduce the risk of late or missed rent payments.

We offer tenants various ways to make their payments, so tenants can choose the option that works best for them. That said, most of our tenants use and appreciate our electronic payment option through our online portal. It makes paying rent easy for them, and luckily, it simplifies the rent collection process for you.

We also clearly communicate our expectations regarding rent payments to tenants and they are all clearly outlined in the lease agreement.

4. Property Repairs & Maintenance

We know you’re dedicated to preserving the value of your rental property. But to do so, conducting regular maintenance and addressing property repairs is crucial. We can handle all this for you!

We do it all, including:

  • Conducting routine inspections to identify any potential issues.
  • Responding to repair requests, such as plumbing leaks, electrical problems, or structural issues.
  • Handling any heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.
  • Performing landscaping and exterior renovations.

A well-maintained property will not only preserve the value of your investment, but is sure to increase tenant satisfaction. This is great because happy tenants will want to review their lease, and that means less stress for you!

5. Detailed Financial Reporting

Are you constantly drowning in paperwork and struggling to stay organized? To effectively manage your properties, you need to stay up-to-date on how they are performing. But this can get overwhelming with so many financial reports and documents to consider.


That’s why we’re here! When you work with us, we email monthly statements so you can track your income and expenses.

About Crossroads Realty

Founded in 1978, Crossroads Realty is the property management company to choose in Oklahoma.

Our professional team is dedicated to ensuring you maximize your investment while minimizing your stress. With our years of experience in the area, we are well-versed in the local rental market and understand the local real estate laws, rules and regulations.

Our office is fully equipped with an integrated network of computer and communication systems. We have instant access to all the Multiple Listing Services, the Public Record Searches, and other tools and services that our agents need in order to better serve you.

We also have a full-time staff to accommodate all your needs. They can help coordinate meetings, set schedules, answer your calls and ensure the timely processing and delivery of all your documents.

When you partner with Crossroads Realty, you can expect transparency, open communication, and personalized attention. You – our valued client – are our greatest priority. So much so that it has earned us a reputation as the leading property management company in Lawton!

Working with a property management company is always a good idea, especially if you’re looking to decrease your workload, minimize your stress, enjoy more family time, or explore another career path.

Let us handle your day-to-day tasks while you enjoy the benefits of property ownership. If you own a property in Lawton, Elgin, Cache, Walters or Geronimo and are looking for property management services, contact us today.