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Are you looking for property management services in Oklahoma? If so, look no further. Crossroads Realty is here for you.

Whether you own single-family or multi-family homes, apartment complexes, duplexes, condos, or commercial properties, our professional team has what it takes to manage them. Since 1978, we have helped countless Oklahoma property owners maximize their investments. We could do the same for you!

Owning a rental property comes with many benefits, but properly managing one is hard – it requires time, energy, skill and experience. When you work with the right property management company, you’ll start to notice your stress decrease as your ROI increases. And at Crossroads Realty, that’s our main goal.

We have years of experience in property management, so we know exactly the types of challenges that can arise and, more importantly, we know how to solve them.

Whether you’re looking for help collecting rent, marketing your vacancy, screening tenants, organizing your paperwork or conducting maintenance, we are here for you!

If you own a property in Lawton, Elgin, Cache, Walters or Geronimo, we’d love to speak with you. Contact us today!


5 Reasons to Choose Crossroads Realty

1. Avoid Vacant Rental Units

As a property owner, you know that having a vacancy is not ideal. When your property sits vacant, you stop making property income, but you continue having property-related expenses.

When you work with Crossroads Realty, we do everything we can to ensure that we fill your unit with a quality tenant as quickly as possible.

How? Simple. We use strategic marketing methods that attract a wide pool of prospective tenants. Our marketing methods include posting ‘for-rent’ signs on your property, pinning the listing to local bulletin boards, publishing the vacancy on listing websites and more.

Once we attract many interested applicants, we sift through them and select only the best ones to screen.

2. Never Deal with Problem Tenants Again

No property owner wants to deal with problem tenants. That’s why, when you hire Crossroads Realty, we prioritize in-depth tenant screening to ensure that we place the very best tenant in your rental home. During our tenant screening process, we verify a prospect’s financial records, employment background and rental history. We also conduct state and nationwide criminal background checks.

Thanks to this process, we are able to find quality tenants who pay their rent on time, who don’t cause property damage, who communicate with us well, and who respect the terms of the lease agreement.


This means you’ll get to enjoy a smooth rental experience as you’ll have responsible and reliable tenants occupying your units.

If we get it wrong and accidentally place a problem tenant in your rental, we take care of the eviction process for you, ensuring we strictly abide by the Oklahoma eviction laws.

3. Stop Chasing After Rent

As a property owner, you likely know how it feels to chase after rent from various tenants every single month. It’s tiring, it’s frustrating, and it’s just not efficient.

But at the end of the day, your rent collection is essential for a successful investment. When you work with us, you will receive your rent payments on time every month.

We strictly enforce the rent-related terms of the lease and ensure that tenants understand their responsibilities. We also make paying rent easy for tenants by offering many payment options. For instance, tenants can pay their rent in person through checks or cash, or they can pay their rent quickly and conveniently through the online portal.

Thanks to these strategies, 99% of tenants pay their rent on time.

4. Save Time & Money on Property Maintenance and Repairs

For many property owners, conducting maintenance and repairs is not easy (nor fun). That said, it’s extremely important.

When you make the requested repairs and keep your property in top condition, tenants will be satisfied and may renew their lease. But if you ignore any maintenance responsibilities, it’ll become a huge problem.

That’s where we come in. We will conduct annual inspections of your properties with detailed photos and provide free estimates for any needed repairs. We will also handle all repair requests, regular maintenance and emergency calls.

And best of all, we have in-house maintenance workers and working relationships with many vendors who offer us their services at discounted costs. That means savings for you!

5. Forget about Paperwork Troubles

If you currently spend hours filing and organizing your paperwork and financial reports, we know how overwhelming and time-consuming it can feel. That’s why we want to help!


When you work with Crossroads Realty, we will email you detailed financial reports every month. This means you’ll be kept in the loop on how your properties are performing.

So, say goodbye to drowning in paperwork. Our team has a better solution for you!

About Crossroads Realty

Oklahoma may be home to various property management companies, but none are like Crossroads Realty!

At our company, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. You and your properties are our #1 priority. All of the services we offer are meant to make your life simpler and happier.

Plus, if you own multiple units, you may get to enjoy our services at a lower cost!

Our staff are trained professionals with years of experience and so much knowledge. Many are also licensed brokers.

Our office also has an integrated network of computer and communication systems, giving us instant access to all the Multiple Listing Services, the Public Record Searches, and other tools and services that can be used to better serve you.

At Crossroads Realty, our property managers and all the staff have one main goal: to see you, the property owner, succeed.
We currently manage over 700 doors, and every day we get to work with satisfied customers who have maximized their profits thanks to our honest, knowledgeable and professional services.

We’d love to do the same for you.

If you own a property in Oklahoma, contact us today at 580-248-8460.